Earth Day 2023: Impact of new climate policies

Eleanor Fraser-Smith, our Head of sustainability, was recently featured in Investment Week in their Earth Day 2023: Impact of new climate policies.

“Recent climate policies such as the US Inflation Reduction Act and EU Green Industrial Plan offer investors new opportunities for a low-carbon economy while strengthening energy security. As a technology-agnostic sustainable energy infrastructure investor, we support policies that encourage decarbonisation, drive investment into critical infrastructure and technologies, and create green jobs."

“Current policies often solely target removing fossil fuels from the energy mix. This may lead to systemic risks and illogical outcomes such as investing in nuclear power plants, which are not sustainable due to toxic waste production. Instead, policies should focus on reducing reliance on fossil fuels by changing energy demand through investment in energy efficiency, electrification, long-duration storage schemes, and carbon capture and reuse.”


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