The alternatives trusts to snap up at a bargain price

Numis experts share their recommended list of alternative trusts that come at a significant discount.

Investors who are trying to adapt to today’s market are likely to have considered expanding their portfolio allocation to include more alternative investments.

As the range of asset classes held in portfolios is likely to expand, below, we look into investment companies in the alternative realm that currently trade at a discount and that Numis analysts Ewan Lovett-Turner, Colette Ord, Priyesh Parmar and Andrew Rees believe are worth looking into.

In the infrastructure space, Lovett-Turner's team finds value in those with high-quality cash flows and expects “attractive returns” from a select group of trusts, both in absolute terms and relative to the relevant peer group.

In the renewables space, Numis analysts recommended Aquila European Renewables (18% discount), Greencoat UK Wind (13%) and VH Global Energy Opportunities (10%).


Energy Access

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