Gallery: 100 days to COP27

Eleanor Fraser-Smith, vice-president and head of sustainability at Victory Hill Capital Advisors.

“Asset managers must approach COP27 with an understanding on how they will be translating pledges into practical action, leading to tangible change. As Russia’s invasion into Ukraine has shocked global energy markets, this has exposed gaps in many governments’ energy security.

Investment firms should prioritise directing funds towards flexible low-carbon energy generation infrastructure, battery storage and grid digitisation, including carbon-capture. To achieve net zero on an international scale, we will also need to see more emphasis on investing into developing and emerging economies to enable access to resilient and affordable clean energy.

As managers navigate a turbulent macroeconomic landscape, they must present clear strategies and road maps devoted to capitalising on opportunities to develop sustainable energy infrastructure and innovative technology.”


Energy Access

Opening-up energy access to cater for increasing demand and population growth

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